Who are we ?

We started the group with our first brand Speed Car Wash in April 2011 with only one unit and with 5 employees. We got exceptionally good results and people invited our concept of Car Beauty Salons and within 3 months of its opening, we reached to appox. 70% of capacity utilization.

This growth bounded to take us to go for more units and we opted franchisee route for the expansion and now opening 50 to 60 units every year. We are aiming to make mechanized car cleaning concept as successful as ATMs are for Banks We worked aggressively to add other business in the umbrella like setting up an insurance desk, developing wide range of car care and detailing line and April 2015, we entered in to mobile car cleaning under the name of Cozi Cars. We are also researching on Car Wrapping service which is going to be unique in itself and 1st of its kind in India.

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